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Drug name


Drug Uses

DermaVitol was formulated to support your skin's structure and to encourage cell growth and tissue repair.

  • Clears your skin of acnes;
  • Prevents wrinkles;
  • Fights the signs of aging from all angles;
  • Reduces spots breakouts;
  • Improves complexion.

How Taken

As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily with meals and a glass of water.

Drug Class and Mechanism

DermaVitol provides the amazing combination of Horsetail Extract, (Standardized 7% Silica) L-Methionine, Hyaluronate Sodium, Collagen and Coenzyme Q10 to support your skin for a more radiant, youthful and healthy look.


  • Helps new cell growth and tissue repair;
  • Regulates the function of the sebaceous glands and helps to improve acne;
  • Rehydration of the skin;
  • Powerful antioxidant which protects the skin from free radicals.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose of DermaVitol, use it as soon as possible. If it is almost time to take the next dose, skip the dose and go back to the regular dosing schedule. Do not double the dose to catch up.


Store DermaVitol at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). Brief storage between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C) is permitted. Store away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep DermaVitol out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Warnings Precautions

Himplasia should be used with caution in patients with hypertension.

Possible Side Effects

DermaVitol is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

More Information

This product contains only 100% pure pharmaceutical and medical grade ingredients and is regularly tested to ensure the safety and quality. Each ingredient has been approved as safe by the FDA and all appear on the FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. This product is manufactured under stringent GMP guidelines that have been set by the FDA. Each bottle comes with a 2 year expiration date and is double sealed to ensure freshness and potency.
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